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Camp Bethel's Leadership:

Lee Welkley - Presiding Elder
Connie Schenenga - President
Wendy Scott - First Vice President
Josh James - Second Vice President
Ellen Miller - Secretary
Robin Noble-Zolin - Treasurer
Dorrie Kendall - Assistant Treasurer
Al Durrell - Immediate Past President



Graham Brown - Board of Directors (exp. 2022)
Meredith Clark - Board of Directors (exp. 2022)
Michael Donnelly - Board of Directors (exp. 2022)
Hilary Berk - Board of Directors (exp. 2019)
Leah DeGuilo - Board of Directors (exp. 2019)
Will March - Board of Directors (exp. 2019)
Gerard Ciccarello - Board of Directors (exp. 2020)
Joan Grapski - Board of Directors (exp. 2020)
Heidi March - Board of Directors (exp. 2020)
Peter Bass - Board of Directors (exp. 2021)
Mary Watkins - Board of Directors (exp. 2021)
Debra Welkley - Board of Directors (exp. 2021)
David Gephard - Chair, Archives
David James and Wayne Poglitsch - Co-Chairs, Buildings
Lee Watkins - Chair, Capital Infrastructure
Steve Gephard - Chair, Environment
Debra Welkley - Chair, Finance
Ellen Miller - Chair, Food Service
Bernie Grapski - Chair, Grounds
Mary Watkins - Chair, Membership
Donna Rogers - Chair, Missions
Joan Grapski - Chair, Music & Worship
John Wolcott - Chair, Program
Lori Riley - Chair, Rentals
Lee Welkley - Chair, Shepherds
Vacant - Chair, Technology
Josh James - Co-Chair, YPI
Heidi March - Co-Chair, YPI



Bill Caulkins - President & Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Susan Babcock White - Secretary, Board of Trustees
David C. Apy - Asst. Treasurer, Board of Trustees
Jennifer Apy - Board of Trustees
Frank Bason - Board of Trustees



Sue Donnelly - Bethel Bulletin Editor
Donna Wolcott - President, Helping Hand Society
Al Durrell - Library
Carol Taubl - Music Ministry Director
The Babcock's - Snack Bar (Pump House)
David C. Apy - Co-Webmaster
Christina Steinman - Co-Webmaster